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Welcome to the HIVE!

"Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is about what you learn on the way down."



(the waggle dance)


Goat Yoga season opener is May 2nd!

Sign up in the registration tab!  

Bee on the lookout for a special Summer Solstice event in June partnering with Bee Loved Kitchen and Landscape Garden Center!

Feeling a bit off balance or out of whack lately?

We are excited to start offering grounding retreats!  Right now the thought is to do a once a month while the weather is nice.  The venue will change every month to different state parks!  (Registration for May the 4th *Star Wars Day* are up in the registration link)

Sports and yoga?

We also offer yoga to sports teams.  We will come to your training facility so the athletes do not need to travel.  We are currently doing a once a week class for a soccer team and for Sioux Falls Figure Skating Club.  If you have a team that is interested in this offering please contact us for more information!

Website updates

If you are looking to host a private party you will now register for that on the website in the registration tab.  When you open the link you will see a calendar of times that we are available.

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Fun Photos of yoga ADVENTURES!

Bee Fit SD is located in Sioux Falls and Garretson, SD USA

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