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Bee-n busy around here!

We are excited to announce that GOAT YOGA season 3 will start the first Thursday of May! With the early spring and nice weather we have been having we will be able to set up our pen early! On a special note, Goat yoga the week of May 27-31, class will bee on TUESDAY! Glean for Good Farm is hosting a rehearsal dinner and a wedding that weekend.

We have been working hard on becoming more techie and making improvements on the website. You can now book private parties online through the website. The calendar is set up with dates and times that we are available. Some dates and times may change as we get closer to summer and I find out when things such as our family vacation, my son's summer camps and soccer dates are scheduled.

NEW OFFERING! We are now hosting grounding retreats! For each retreat we will meet at a different state park that is close to Sioux Falls. We will bee doing a nature hike, yoga flow, guided meditation, earthing, and have snacks from Bee Loved Kitchen. Everyone will get to go home with a grounding crystal/stone to help you remember and practice grounding when you are in situation where you feel ungrounded.

Yoga for athletes! Yoga can be a valuable part of your training routines. Yoga works on flexibility, strength, and balance. Building these three core areas can help prevent injury during your athletic performances. Doing yoga after games/events can aid in recovery. The quicker your body can recover the sooner you can get back to training. Yoga is also a great way to reduce stress and improve sleep. We all know that stress and poor sleep can cause poor performance. The mindfulness and breathwork we do in yoga can help combat the stress response and poor sleep that athletes may sometimes feel. Right now we are doing yoga for a boys youth soccer team and figure skaters! We come to you so your athletes don't need to leave your training facility. If you have a team that would like to add yoga to their routine please reach out!

I have 20 yoga mats in my car for

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