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Bee Fit The Beginnings

First of all, WELCOME to the hive!

How we got started...

When Clark and Nikki were going through yoga teacher training we had talked about someday owning our own studio. Clark is a construction worker and talked about how it is hard on his body and eventually wanting to get out of construction and do something that he is passionate about (Yoga). Nikki has always LOVED animals and looked near and far for a goat yoga to try. Since she couldn't find any close she decided to make it happen here in SD. She thought it was a good idea because science has proven that nature is therapy (grounding), animals are therapy (animals have been shown to lower stress, relieve loneliness and boost mood), and yoga is therapy. When you put it all together it makes for a very special experience. So, Nikki put a message out on the Garretson, SD Facebook page asking if anyone had goats. That is how we got to know our neighbors and now partner Glean for Good. To make a long story short, once we made contact with Glean for Good it was a FAST and FURIOUS process to become an official business, build a pen/outdoor studio and start doing what we LOVE within a couple of weeks.

(The smile on his face and the joy that this brings says it all!)

Where we are now...

We expanded to hosting private parties for goat yoga, we have traveled short distances with the goats, and started the MAGICAL experience of greenhouse yoga at Landscape Garden Center! Coming up at the end of May we will have our 1 year anniversary!

We had no idea people would be so interested and supportive our our little endeavor. To say we are grateful for all of your support and understanding as we grow and learn how to do new things like run this website is an understatement! THANK YOU for being with us on this journey! Without you we would not be where we are today!

Until next time, be well, and be at peace.

Nikki and Clark

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